Sunday, 16 December 2012

December Glossybox 2012 UK

So I received my December Glossybox yesterday and heres what I got.

Full size Sleek lipstick in Matte red (dupe of Mac Russian Red)
Seche nail varnish in Mischevious - Full size
Ritual Body cream 75ml
Lemon by Mary Greenwell fragrance sample
Samples Argentum potion

One of this months products was outside of the tissue paper in a black envelope and this was Argentum la potion infinie which seems to be a very luxurious brand.
A 70ml jar of this is £147.00.

My Seche nail Varnish is a gorgeous deep wintery cherry shade. I love dark nails in winter so this is perfect for me.
Next was the Ritual whipped body cream. I love Body creams so this was a lovely reat for me.
I receievd a full size Sleep lipstick in a gorgeous Matte red.

I dont really like this size of fragrance samples as they dont seem like a treat. I havent tried this yet
but im guessing it may smaell of lemons! :)

Finally there was a little extra treat in my box which was a glossybox own brand blusher in a pretty pink shade called Glossy Rosewood.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mad Hatters Tea Party - London

Hi guys,
Sorry its been so long but I'm back. So today my bestie decided to treat me to a wonderful afternoon tea at the Sanderson in London. The theme was the mad hatters party which was so much fun. The tea took place in the outside terrace which surprisingly was pleasant even though London is absolutely freezing right now. The tent was set with heaters so got quite toasty plus the cups of hot tea helped!  So when we arrived we were given options of what tea we would like. There was green tea with lemongrass, spiced savoury tea, traditional black and something else which smelt horrid that I don't even know.
I chose the traditional black as I knew it would be the safe choice. When the cake tower was brought out I had an instant smile on my face. I think everyone smiles when they see pretty cakes and these were the cutest little cakes and treats.

So being in theme with Alice in wonderland, the top tier had little mushroom marshmallows and the sweetest little carrot meringues. The meringue was so light it literally melted in my ,mouth before I could even taste the flavour, none the less it was a little drop of heaven. The next tier was the more appealing to me tier! The cutest little chocolate cup filled with green tea souffle topped with popping candy, a vanilla cheesecake filled with mango puree and a classic Victoria sponge with jam filling. All amazing and I'm sure ridiculously calorific! The final tier was savouries. So lots of little rolled up green bread sandwiches...yes I said green bread! Gorgeous mini aubergine quiches and  finally the classic English sweet and savoury(spinach) scones.  
The whole afternoon was a fun and quirky day and I would highly recommend this tea if you want a little twist on the traditional English.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Glossybox November 2012 UK

Got my November box today! Just a quick blog about what's in mine.

This is what I got

• Olay 3 point treatment face cream 7ml

• Wei beauty age control serum 4ml

• Alison Claire mango body butter 50ml

• Nails inc Kensington caviar top coat 4ml

• Dermalogica daily microfoliant 13g

Okay box I suppose but I was hoping for a makeup or hair product...but too skin care for me. Oh well lets see what next month has to offer!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Made in Chelsea...more blusher darling!

Hey guys...

So I got to do hair an makeup on the gorgeous little Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea. The look was for the season finale episode (to be aired in around 6weeks) and was based on the 1950's. The Chelsea cast always have such extravagant parties I just know this will be full of drama, tears and a huge climax!
I absolutely love 50's hair, makeup and elegant and classy. The women really did put effort in how they look with their perfect pouts and immaculate curled hair.
When I saw Louise, first thing I thought was how cute and petite she was. She came trailing into the makeup room with a suitcase larger than her...walking up 3 flights of stairs! To be honest I don't know how she did it, cos Im usually out of breath even when I'm empty handed doing that walk!

I sat her down on the chair and discussed various looks and styles that would complement her.
We decided on the look and we got started.

For a full blog about how I achieved Louise's look check out You can find out a step by step guide on how to get the look and the products I use. (Will be up in couple days)

So now for the gossip!
To be honest I'm not a watcher of Made in Chelsea but I kinda know what's going on cos there's never a day that goes past without the Mailonline dishing up some dirt on the guys.
So this week in MIC the one thing I keep hearing about is 'that shower scene'! Louise got quite a lot of stick about the scene about how the show doesn't seem that real if they have a crew filming in the shower. Well I kinda agree but what do you expect with reality tv. I asked her about it and she did say the show obviously wasn't totally real and a lot of scenes are created by the producers for ratings. If you don't have don't get airtime. It makes sense cos I'm sure people don't want to watch people sitting around doing nothing.
So the shower scene...Louise was wearing underwear! She mthat was obviously meant to be naked for the scene but she did hide her modesty with some nude underwear.
I also asked her about Spencer and whether they are actually together. The answer is yes. She first met Spencer when she was 18 and he kept 'pestering her' for a date. The relationship has been on, off, on, off but is now defiantly on. I had to ask about Spencer appearing on 'The Batchelor' and how she felt about it. She actually told Spencer to go for it as it was a good paid opportunity and apparently he was I the need of money to pay debts.
I thought it was strange that on the bachelor Spencer chose the blonde ditsy one as the winner...but apparently that was Louise's choice as she knew that the relationship wouldn't go past the show.

That's most of the info I got...thanks guys who send me questions to ask Louise.
Anyway make sure u check out the school blog for the full look!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Seasonal hairstyles...long hair!

I love long hair. It just makes you feel more girly and you can do so much more with it when it comes to styling.

In summer I tend do keep hair quite soft and natural looking. I don't really use too many heat products and concentrate on keeping the hair hydrated and conditioned. Soft beach hair is what I aim for myself and my clients so I tend to go for loose braids or waves. I always prefer a lighter shade in summer too, I think highlights with warmer tones just give you a more glowy look. Think of the gorgeous supermodel Gisele...we may not be blessed with her amazing figure but we can recreate that sexy beach hair! The best way to achieve this look without using heat is to set the hair in large rollers and leave for a while. When released softly brush through the hair and apply some finishing creme

When autumn/winter comes along its a different look altogether. Along with the whole winter style being darker and richer, I would bring this in hair colour too. Hair can be darker and a little more heavy looking in this season.
Style wise there is a lot we can do. I use more moisturising styling products as hair can get dried out with the cold weather.
When winter comes it usually starts with the strong windy weather. For the wind I suggest a simple ponytail. This is a timeless classic look that's can be accessorised with different hair ties or combined with a hair band. I usually go for a pony with a little height on top. I like the ponytail to look like you just tied it up in a second rather than smoothing with a comb for ages. The celeb i mostly think of who has a looser pony is the beautiful Jessica Alba. Her hair is amazing and effortless looking. When she has a simple ponytail, its usually backcombed on top to create a soft height.
Another style that I do a lot for my clients is a cute ballerina bun. This bun in in the crown of your head and very tight and clean looking. Using a spongy donut pull the ponytail through and start wrapping the hair around securing with pins. The final result will look like a clean bun. This look is perfect for the windy weather as you don't need to worry about you hair getting caught in your lipgloss!

The end of the year is more if a festive time so hair and makeup is more party orientated. I will blog a little nearer the time on how to achieve the perfect party looks!

Products I recommend-
Kerastase moisturising shampoo
Aveda pure fume brilliant shampoo
Batiste dry shampoo (for those lazy days)

Conditioner/masque -
Aveda Clove conditioner
Lush r&b revival hair moisturiser
L'anza leave in conditioner
Kerastase oleo masque

Styling -
Redken heat protector
Paul Mitchell hairspray
Ellnett hairspray
Lee Stafford argon oil serum (apply on soaking wet hair and to add shine to styled hair)

Donut hair piece can be bought from most high street shops/drugstores.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pretty pink lips

I absolutely love pink lipsticks and am always in the lookout for new ones. My makeup kit consists of around 100 pink toned shades.

Here are my reviews on a few of my face pink lipsticks by Mac.
(Swatches from left to right)

• Mac - Gladiola. This lip colour is a purple toned fushia pink. It is a matte finish and very bold in colour. I love this shade but it is very strong especially on a more tanned skin. I am a mac nc30-35 and this colour looks nice but if you are more towards nc42 or darker I think this colour can be a little overwhelming on your skin tone.

• Mac - Pink Nouveau. This lipstick is a satin finish which means it has no shimmer or gloss. Again like the Gladiola this is overwhelming on a darker skin tone unless you are comfortable with strong lips. If you like the Nicki Minaj pink lip then you will love this. Very pretty colour but really should be worn with a simple eye. Just a little tip...apply lip conditioner before as this does dry the lips a little.

• Mac - Chatterbox. This is an amplified creme finish. I love wearing this colour when I am tanned (nc42) as it really suits a warmer skin tone. It is a very soft baby pink which has warm undertones rather than blue therefore it is a little easier to wear. I definatly recommend this on tanned skin tones.

• Mac - Pink plaid. A matte finish lipstick with a blue undertone. This again is a cold pink which can be a little harsh to begin with but I usually blot this colour as it is matte anyway. This softens the colour and makes it a little more wearable. The plus side to blue toned pink is that it makes teeth look whiter!

• Mac - Snob. Satin finish lipstick. This is a very pale pink. It can look a little too pastel on darker skin tones but is very pretty on light to medium skins. This colour is a very girly pretty pink and teamed with a winged eyeliner and pink blush can look very cute.
Also this shade has a matching lipgloss and nail varnish...all gorgeous!

The final pinks I love from Mac haven't swatched as I just can't find them in my kit :(

Mac Angel - gorgeous soft warm pink
Mac lovelorn - soft rose pink
Mac creme cup - soft baby pink
Mac Girl About Town - bright fushia

Stay tuned for my next blog! Xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Teaching at the London Makeup School...and my bridals!

Hey guys, a lot of you already know this but I'm teaching some courses at the London makeup school now. I specialise in the Asian Bridal courses but also teach most of the makeup courses held at the school.
If any of you guys are interested in learning makeup or hair I strongly recommend it. The classes are small (a lot of them are one to one) so you can really have some intensive training.
If you are interested in me teaching you, just ask for me!

Also I've been doing alot of weddings recently which is a great surprise. This time of the year is always quiet on the wedding scene but to my surprise people are opting for a winter wedding!
I love the idea of winter nice to go more autumnal with shades and stronger with overall looks. Here's a quick snap of my bride I did a couple days ago...the rich vibrancy of colour really made her stand out in contrast with the grey miserable London weather.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Micheal Kors Rosegold watch

Omg....I finally got it and I am officially in love!

I've been eyeing this watch for so long but never bought it as I wasn't sure to get the normal gold or the rose gold and also didn't want to spend too much on another watch after my Gucci 3900. I am so glad I got it! I love this beyond imaginable. I get compliments from everyone when I wear this as it is so eye catching.
It's casual enough to wear it during the day and in the evening you can wear it more as a statement piece so it's the best of both unlike the Gucci which is really more of a dainty evening watch.

Thanku to my best friend for picking it up for me from the U.S for half the cost! ;) Xxxxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Micheal Jackson Immortal Tour London 2012

So i went to the Micheal Jackson Immortal tour in the O2 London last week and i have to say it was amazing!
I didn't think i'd be into the whole cirque de soleil thing but my friend convinced me it would be fab and she wasn't wrong. I guess as i'm a big MJ fan, the whole show was perfect for me as i thought to myself if i didn't enjoy the actual dancing part, I cant go wrong with the MJ classics. It was great though...every part of it.

Such amazing talented dancers and performers and im so glad i got to see it while i could. I know the tickets were impossible to get but my best friend had brilliant seats just in the 2nd row.

Leather, studs and the dark side...

Ok I'm not talking about some freaky dominatrix's my 'look I'm lovin' at the moment. So autumn is in full swing now and it's gettin pretty damn cold now which is why I love leather in this weather. It's functional and very fashionable and I think this is the season you can wear it and look trendy. It's not really a good look for winter as that's when you get the trusty fur out, and the look is a bit to styled for a floaty spring/summer look.
I've been searching for a new leather jacket for a while now and really wanted a studded style but not too obviously studded as I would like it to be a classic look that I can wear again next year. I finally found it!
I went to Mango to see the new Kate Moss collection and came across this bad boy!
The leather is so soft and the studs are black so not too obvious. It fits like a glove and looks gorgeous on.

I've been teaming this up with a dark lip for that real autumnal look. Mac 'Darkside' is a gorgeous berry shade which looks gorgeous on the lip.
You guys should definatly try it. Think Megan Fox and go with a simple winged eyeliner.
I'm wearing Rimmel 'Desire' on my nails

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October 2012 Glossybox review

So I finally got this months glossybox and I have to say I have been little disappointed in the previous boxes.
In my opinion the glossybox isn't what it used to be and for the last few months they haven't really done anything for me.

Last month I only liked one of the products and even that wasnt that great (argan oil).

This month I was pleasantly surprised as it seems better.
I got 5 good sized products.

Yves rocher hydra vegetal moisturiser 30ml

Dr jart bb cream (premium) 15ml

Skinetica anti blemish

Sally Hansen nail polish 440 calypso blue - full size

Anatomicals body scrub 75ml

Excited to try them all out :)
I'll review the products if u get on with them.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Makeupbyhena contact details

Hi guys!

Everyone keeps asking me for my contact details which is strange as its all on my website. Just a quick blog to let u guys know...


Tel: 07931 871148

Facebook: Makeup by Hena
(with spaces)

Twitter: Hena (@makeupbyhena)

You can all contact me on all of these.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Products I've been loving this month!

There are a few products I have been loving this month including skin care, makeup and haircare.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream - I love this eye cream and it really does reduce dark circles. I've been using this for a while and really notice a difference. Even friends have commented on how I look more refreshed. Defiantly recommend this if you need to battle darkness in the eye area.

Caudalie Lipbalm - This lip balm is so nourishing on the lips and soothes dry skin. I have quite full lips so lip balms are very important to me. This item is quite hard to find in the uk but you can find it online ( It is easier to find in Europe as the caudalie range is stocked in many pharmacies.

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow - after reading so many reviews on this highlighter I decided to finally purchase it. I have to agree with all the hype as this cream highlighter is beautiful. It is a creamy dewy highlighter that gives a subtle sheen on the skin that looks natural but defiantly noticeable. It comes in 2 shades, I got the rose gold which has more of a warm undertone suitable for medium/darker skin tones.

Kerastase hair masque - gorgeous masque that helps smooth hair and leaves a gorgeous shine. It has a lovely smell and works fast leaving your hair instantly nourished and soft to the touch. Love this product!

That's it for now be posting soon.

Speak to u soon Xx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Holiday blues....

Hi guys....sorry it's been a while, I've been soaking up the sun in the Middle East but now I'm back in lovely London to be welcomed by rain and wind :(
I'll be back with the blogs asap....I'm still jet lagged and soooo miss the beach.

Oh and anyone who knows me personally knows I love cupcakes and deserts...look what we had here in the hotel ;)

Num num num x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Product review - bronzers.

Summer is pretty much over guys but that doesn't mean we have to lose that bronze glow!
I tested a few bronzers to find out which was the best (my opinion).
When I look for bronzers i always have a specific type. It needs to be matte, no glitter, not orange based, not to dark, very soft texture and finally gives a healthy golden bronze finish.
I know that's a lot to ask for from one product but there are actually a few which do this.

First one on my favourites list is Nars laguna. This gorgeous bronzer has everything I look for. It has a very tiny shimmer in the pan but un-noticeable once applied. The colour is perfect and shows up nicely.

For reference my skin is mac nc35.

The next bronzer i love is Guerlain terracotta bronzer. This looks very orange in the pan but not at all once applied. It comes in 2 shades (I have 02) which is a deeper colour and buildable for a more intense colour.

A great little high street/drug store bronzer is Bourjois chocolate bronzer. This cute little bronzer also comes in 2 shades and is presented in a cubed chocolate format. It looks yummy and smells lovely. The colour is great and I'm glad drugstore brands are finally making matte bronzers.

I went online and also purchased an ELF bronzer to try. I have to say, I do like elf blushers and lipglosses but this bronzer was awful. It was literally a pot of glittery shimmery eyeshadow. I actually use it for an eyeshadow now and it works great - but not what I wanted!

Hope this helps guys.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sun fun here I come!

Im finally taking my annual holiday. Being a bridal makeup artist is tricky because I need to work my schedule around my bookings. I'm usually booked all over the year especially summer so taking a summer holiday is virtually impossible.
I'm making the most of the week i do have off and am jetting away to sun, sand and spas :)

My makeup checklist going with me:

1) Bobbi brown bb cream - foundation, moisturiser and SPF in one.

2) Guerlain terracotta bronzer - I always take a good bronzer to blend in my makeup to my tan

3) Ysl shocking mascara - waterproof so it stays on in the heat

4) Mac select coverup concealer - 2shades to mix.

5) Urban decay naked palette

6) Revlon Lipbutters - I'm not really a lip person on holiday so these butters are great to add moisture and hint of colour to the lips.

7) Nars Orgasm blusher - soft pink to add a dash of colour for the nights out.

8) Maybelline 24hour gel eyeliner - for my feline flicks :)

9) Benefit Moonbeam - golden highlighter for cheekbones.

10) Bareminerals matte powder spf15 - controls shine with protection.

That's all of my Real Techniques brushes.

I would usually add eyelash curlers as I use then religiously but I'm getting lvl lash treatment before I go so no longer will I have my straight camel lashes!

A week of relaxation...bliss. But as soon as I land back home to the UK, I have a bride to do ...what I do for my passion.