Monday, 5 November 2012

Teaching at the London Makeup School...and my bridals!

Hey guys, a lot of you already know this but I'm teaching some courses at the London makeup school now. I specialise in the Asian Bridal courses but also teach most of the makeup courses held at the school.
If any of you guys are interested in learning makeup or hair I strongly recommend it. The classes are small (a lot of them are one to one) so you can really have some intensive training.
If you are interested in me teaching you, just ask for me!

Also I've been doing alot of weddings recently which is a great surprise. This time of the year is always quiet on the wedding scene but to my surprise people are opting for a winter wedding!
I love the idea of winter nice to go more autumnal with shades and stronger with overall looks. Here's a quick snap of my bride I did a couple days ago...the rich vibrancy of colour really made her stand out in contrast with the grey miserable London weather.

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