Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Product review - bronzers.

Summer is pretty much over guys but that doesn't mean we have to lose that bronze glow!
I tested a few bronzers to find out which was the best (my opinion).
When I look for bronzers i always have a specific type. It needs to be matte, no glitter, not orange based, not to dark, very soft texture and finally gives a healthy golden bronze finish.
I know that's a lot to ask for from one product but there are actually a few which do this.

First one on my favourites list is Nars laguna. This gorgeous bronzer has everything I look for. It has a very tiny shimmer in the pan but un-noticeable once applied. The colour is perfect and shows up nicely.

For reference my skin is mac nc35.

The next bronzer i love is Guerlain terracotta bronzer. This looks very orange in the pan but not at all once applied. It comes in 2 shades (I have 02) which is a deeper colour and buildable for a more intense colour.

A great little high street/drug store bronzer is Bourjois chocolate bronzer. This cute little bronzer also comes in 2 shades and is presented in a cubed chocolate format. It looks yummy and smells lovely. The colour is great and I'm glad drugstore brands are finally making matte bronzers.

I went online and also purchased an ELF bronzer to try. I have to say, I do like elf blushers and lipglosses but this bronzer was awful. It was literally a pot of glittery shimmery eyeshadow. I actually use it for an eyeshadow now and it works great - but not what I wanted!

Hope this helps guys.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sun fun here I come!

Im finally taking my annual holiday. Being a bridal makeup artist is tricky because I need to work my schedule around my bookings. I'm usually booked all over the year especially summer so taking a summer holiday is virtually impossible.
I'm making the most of the week i do have off and am jetting away to sun, sand and spas :)

My makeup checklist going with me:

1) Bobbi brown bb cream - foundation, moisturiser and SPF in one.

2) Guerlain terracotta bronzer - I always take a good bronzer to blend in my makeup to my tan

3) Ysl shocking mascara - waterproof so it stays on in the heat

4) Mac select coverup concealer - 2shades to mix.

5) Urban decay naked palette

6) Revlon Lipbutters - I'm not really a lip person on holiday so these butters are great to add moisture and hint of colour to the lips.

7) Nars Orgasm blusher - soft pink to add a dash of colour for the nights out.

8) Maybelline 24hour gel eyeliner - for my feline flicks :)

9) Benefit Moonbeam - golden highlighter for cheekbones.

10) Bareminerals matte powder spf15 - controls shine with protection.

That's all of my Real Techniques brushes.

I would usually add eyelash curlers as I use then religiously but I'm getting lvl lash treatment before I go so no longer will I have my straight camel lashes!

A week of relaxation...bliss. But as soon as I land back home to the UK, I have a bride to do ...what I do for my passion.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Urban decay Naked palette

So I finally got it...the naked palette. After debating whether to get or not I thought to myself 'why not?'
A lot of my friends have told me to get it but I have lots of neutral palettes I made from mac individuals so thought what's the point.
I realise now why they love it so much. Although a lot of the colours are similar to mac, I just love this little palette. It has all the most useable colours and the pigments are great. Also the packaging is gorgeous. So glad I got it now as its going straight in my suitcase for my day and nights out on holiday... Yay!
Hmmm now should I get the naked2 palette...that is the question ;)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Autumn/fall fashion

Autumn/Fall seems to be the most difficult season to dress for. It's not quite cold enough for coats, but not warm enough to go without...and if your here in England, always be prepared with an umbrella!

My advice for this season is to work with layering thin garments.
I usually have early morning starts when the weather starts off a bit nippy and then brightens and warms up during the day. For this I don't like leaving my home in just a t-shirt or a summer top, I like to layer so I can remove layers when I want. I usually wear an open shirt as my outer wear in place of a jacket. This is a great way to feel like your covered for the chilly mornings/evenings, and still be cool in the day as my shirts are always loose and cotton.

Autumn/Fall '12 sees the comeback of the plaid/checked shirts. The high streets are full of them.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mercydelta collection launch party!

I was invited to the Mercydelta launch party in London and was so excited as really enjoyed working with them last week. Unfortunately I was teaching an evening course the same day so couldn't attend. I did get to pop there to do the lovely Ashleys(nevs) makeup again though.
It was a beautiful rooftop location in the centre of London and the weather was just picture perfect. It's such a shame I couldn't stay but I did get to pick up a copy of the look book we did last week. The pics look fab and I'm so surprised that it was designed and printed so perfectly in less than a week.

Well done Mercydelta! Look forward to working with you guys again...and thanks again for my scarf, i love it :) xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Product review - Concealers

Whether its to hide away the dark circles or cover up blemishes, concealer is a god send that can make you feel confident in your skin!
I get asked all the time what the best concealer is but to be honest I don't know one single concealer that does it all. It all depends on what you want to conceal. I usually use a different concealer under the eyes and on the face.
If your concern is dark circles around the eyes there are many to choose from. I recommend a peach undertone concealer like 'Bobbi brown corrector'. This can be used alone under the eyes or can be used under a skin tone concealer. As this is a corrector it may not suit all skin tones but used alone or under makeup this is a fab way to counteract any darkness under the eyes.
If you need a concealer to hide away blemishes you will need to choose one to suit your skin type.
For dry skin you may prefer a creamy based concealer like 'Mac moisture cover concealer' which has a soft dewy finish.
If you have oily skin you would prefer a lighter based concealer like 'Mac select cover up' which dries matte on the skin. Both have great coverage and sit nicely on the skin without creating creases.
If you want a hardcore waterproof, smudge proof, anything proof concealer try 'Makeup Forever - full coverage concealer' which does exactly what it says. It has great lasting power and you can even go swimming with it on.

Hope this helps for all those who been asking! :)

P.s....a great highstreet/drugstore concealer which I really recommend is 'Boots - Collection 2000'. For a few quid this is such a great product and gives good coverage!
(I think it's called just 'Collection' now)

Please note these are my opinions. I am not sponsored by any brand and am not financially linked with any products I review.