Monday, 3 September 2012

Product review - Concealers

Whether its to hide away the dark circles or cover up blemishes, concealer is a god send that can make you feel confident in your skin!
I get asked all the time what the best concealer is but to be honest I don't know one single concealer that does it all. It all depends on what you want to conceal. I usually use a different concealer under the eyes and on the face.
If your concern is dark circles around the eyes there are many to choose from. I recommend a peach undertone concealer like 'Bobbi brown corrector'. This can be used alone under the eyes or can be used under a skin tone concealer. As this is a corrector it may not suit all skin tones but used alone or under makeup this is a fab way to counteract any darkness under the eyes.
If you need a concealer to hide away blemishes you will need to choose one to suit your skin type.
For dry skin you may prefer a creamy based concealer like 'Mac moisture cover concealer' which has a soft dewy finish.
If you have oily skin you would prefer a lighter based concealer like 'Mac select cover up' which dries matte on the skin. Both have great coverage and sit nicely on the skin without creating creases.
If you want a hardcore waterproof, smudge proof, anything proof concealer try 'Makeup Forever - full coverage concealer' which does exactly what it says. It has great lasting power and you can even go swimming with it on.

Hope this helps for all those who been asking! :)

P.s....a great highstreet/drugstore concealer which I really recommend is 'Boots - Collection 2000'. For a few quid this is such a great product and gives good coverage!
(I think it's called just 'Collection' now)

Please note these are my opinions. I am not sponsored by any brand and am not financially linked with any products I review.

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