Friday, 31 August 2012

Everyone wants smokey!

So my most requested look is the smokey eye. There are many ways to achieve the smokey eye which all depend on eye shape and intensity.
I've found the easiest way to achieve this look is by using one colour on the eyelid and blending.

For the simple smokey eye I usually prime the eyelid to begin with. You can use an eyelid primer like the urban decay primer potion which is fab. I prefer to use a paintpot by mac as this gives a perfect base on the eyelid and is easy to build. When I do a dark smokey I use 'blackground' by mac which is a very dark grey/carbon colour. I put this all over the eyelid then gently buff out the edges so it's not blocky. I then use black eyeshadow (blacktied by mac) and press this over the lid. Again gently blend the edges. Apply a black eyeliner on the waterline of the eye and sweep the black eyeshadow on the lower lashline. Finally I sweep a highlighter on the brow bone and a tiny bit on the inner corners of the eyes. I used 'vanilla' by mac. Blend the black slowly into the light colour so it looks soft and gives the smokey look.
Voila! There u have the easiest smokey eye. To finish off apply a soft bronze or rose blusher and nude lip. Remember this look is all about the eyes so go easy with the rest of the face.

Good luck xx

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