Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Seasonal hairstyles...long hair!

I love long hair. It just makes you feel more girly and you can do so much more with it when it comes to styling.

In summer I tend do keep hair quite soft and natural looking. I don't really use too many heat products and concentrate on keeping the hair hydrated and conditioned. Soft beach hair is what I aim for myself and my clients so I tend to go for loose braids or waves. I always prefer a lighter shade in summer too, I think highlights with warmer tones just give you a more glowy look. Think of the gorgeous supermodel Gisele...we may not be blessed with her amazing figure but we can recreate that sexy beach hair! The best way to achieve this look without using heat is to set the hair in large rollers and leave for a while. When released softly brush through the hair and apply some finishing creme

When autumn/winter comes along its a different look altogether. Along with the whole winter style being darker and richer, I would bring this in hair colour too. Hair can be darker and a little more heavy looking in this season.
Style wise there is a lot we can do. I use more moisturising styling products as hair can get dried out with the cold weather.
When winter comes it usually starts with the strong windy weather. For the wind I suggest a simple ponytail. This is a timeless classic look that's can be accessorised with different hair ties or combined with a hair band. I usually go for a pony with a little height on top. I like the ponytail to look like you just tied it up in a second rather than smoothing with a comb for ages. The celeb i mostly think of who has a looser pony is the beautiful Jessica Alba. Her hair is amazing and effortless looking. When she has a simple ponytail, its usually backcombed on top to create a soft height.
Another style that I do a lot for my clients is a cute ballerina bun. This bun in in the crown of your head and very tight and clean looking. Using a spongy donut pull the ponytail through and start wrapping the hair around securing with pins. The final result will look like a clean bun. This look is perfect for the windy weather as you don't need to worry about you hair getting caught in your lipgloss!

The end of the year is more if a festive time so hair and makeup is more party orientated. I will blog a little nearer the time on how to achieve the perfect party looks!

Products I recommend-
Kerastase moisturising shampoo
Aveda pure fume brilliant shampoo
Batiste dry shampoo (for those lazy days)

Conditioner/masque -
Aveda Clove conditioner
Lush r&b revival hair moisturiser
L'anza leave in conditioner
Kerastase oleo masque

Styling -
Redken heat protector
Paul Mitchell hairspray
Ellnett hairspray
Lee Stafford argon oil serum (apply on soaking wet hair and to add shine to styled hair)

Donut hair piece can be bought from most high street shops/drugstores.

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