Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Made in Chelsea...more blusher darling!

Hey guys...

So I got to do hair an makeup on the gorgeous little Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea. The look was for the season finale episode (to be aired in around 6weeks) and was based on the 1950's. The Chelsea cast always have such extravagant parties I just know this will be full of drama, tears and a huge climax!
I absolutely love 50's hair, makeup and elegant and classy. The women really did put effort in how they look with their perfect pouts and immaculate curled hair.
When I saw Louise, first thing I thought was how cute and petite she was. She came trailing into the makeup room with a suitcase larger than her...walking up 3 flights of stairs! To be honest I don't know how she did it, cos Im usually out of breath even when I'm empty handed doing that walk!

I sat her down on the chair and discussed various looks and styles that would complement her.
We decided on the look and we got started.

For a full blog about how I achieved Louise's look check out You can find out a step by step guide on how to get the look and the products I use. (Will be up in couple days)

So now for the gossip!
To be honest I'm not a watcher of Made in Chelsea but I kinda know what's going on cos there's never a day that goes past without the Mailonline dishing up some dirt on the guys.
So this week in MIC the one thing I keep hearing about is 'that shower scene'! Louise got quite a lot of stick about the scene about how the show doesn't seem that real if they have a crew filming in the shower. Well I kinda agree but what do you expect with reality tv. I asked her about it and she did say the show obviously wasn't totally real and a lot of scenes are created by the producers for ratings. If you don't have don't get airtime. It makes sense cos I'm sure people don't want to watch people sitting around doing nothing.
So the shower scene...Louise was wearing underwear! She mthat was obviously meant to be naked for the scene but she did hide her modesty with some nude underwear.
I also asked her about Spencer and whether they are actually together. The answer is yes. She first met Spencer when she was 18 and he kept 'pestering her' for a date. The relationship has been on, off, on, off but is now defiantly on. I had to ask about Spencer appearing on 'The Batchelor' and how she felt about it. She actually told Spencer to go for it as it was a good paid opportunity and apparently he was I the need of money to pay debts.
I thought it was strange that on the bachelor Spencer chose the blonde ditsy one as the winner...but apparently that was Louise's choice as she knew that the relationship wouldn't go past the show.

That's most of the info I got...thanks guys who send me questions to ask Louise.
Anyway make sure u check out the school blog for the full look!

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