Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mad Hatters Tea Party - London

Hi guys,
Sorry its been so long but I'm back. So today my bestie decided to treat me to a wonderful afternoon tea at the Sanderson in London. The theme was the mad hatters party which was so much fun. The tea took place in the outside terrace which surprisingly was pleasant even though London is absolutely freezing right now. The tent was set with heaters so got quite toasty plus the cups of hot tea helped!  So when we arrived we were given options of what tea we would like. There was green tea with lemongrass, spiced savoury tea, traditional black and something else which smelt horrid that I don't even know.
I chose the traditional black as I knew it would be the safe choice. When the cake tower was brought out I had an instant smile on my face. I think everyone smiles when they see pretty cakes and these were the cutest little cakes and treats.

So being in theme with Alice in wonderland, the top tier had little mushroom marshmallows and the sweetest little carrot meringues. The meringue was so light it literally melted in my ,mouth before I could even taste the flavour, none the less it was a little drop of heaven. The next tier was the more appealing to me tier! The cutest little chocolate cup filled with green tea souffle topped with popping candy, a vanilla cheesecake filled with mango puree and a classic Victoria sponge with jam filling. All amazing and I'm sure ridiculously calorific! The final tier was savouries. So lots of little rolled up green bread sandwiches...yes I said green bread! Gorgeous mini aubergine quiches and  finally the classic English sweet and savoury(spinach) scones.  
The whole afternoon was a fun and quirky day and I would highly recommend this tea if you want a little twist on the traditional English.


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