Friday, 15 February 2013

My latest fashion/beauty buys!

I have times of the year when I invest in a few key high end brands to add to my closet and beauty regime. Although i love high street brands as they are bang on trend I do like having a few key designer pieces.
So far I have bagged a few bits from beauty to fashion.

Wedge sneakers have been around for quite a while and I have lived them from the start. I'm quite short and love that I can have the height and comfort when I wear these. My first pair were the classics 'Ash Coolbis' in black as I wasn't sure if I'd invest in the Isabel much wear I'd get from them. The Ash are so comfy but the only negative I have is that from the back the wedge is a little too visible. I like when the sneaker still looks like a real sneaker and these don't really have the same look. I then went to the high street and bought some great ones from River Island a surprisingly from Next.
I decided to invest in another pair this time from Micheal Kors (£220.00). These black leather sneakers really look like sneakers and the hidden 3inch wedge really is totally hidden. The only one thing is for some reason I think they make my feet look quite big...not sure why as there is a 3inch height :s

At the start of the year I bought my Marc by Marc Jacobs baby Aiden(£400.00) which is a key black leather bag which I know I will get lots if use out of. It's the perfect size for all my stuff and I like that I can use the short handles or the shoulder strap.

Alpha liquid gold is something I see all beauty gurus rave about. Now I know why! This stuff is great for your skin and makes my skin feel super smooth and glowy. At £45 it's a special treat for your skin and totally worth it.

Argentum is a moisturiser which I'd never heard of until a few months back when I received samples in my Glossybox. Since using my samples I saw immediate results which I usually never find any product does. Upon application my skin was instantly more radiant and looked so healthy. I'm usually very fussy about my skin care but I did splurge out £147 for this face cream and am excited when using it.

I love wearing glasses and have got myself a new pair of Ray-bans. I usually got for a black plastic frame and a little geek style so I got myself a new even geekier frame :) The Ray-ban 5248 (£100) are a large frame and are very noticeable. They are a pair of statement glasses and not for those who want a subtle look. I love these glasses and feel they suit my face shape and my style. Also I love that I don't need to wear too much eye makeup when I where them as the glasses detract the attention!

That's all my high end shopping for the start of the to work off my credit card bill 😁 !!

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