Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New year purchases!

Happy new year guys!!

Once Christmas was over my next highlight was the sales! I am the biggest online shopper and hate walking around in shops especially sale time. To my surprise i actually did it this year. The shops were a complete mess and I was getting pushed around but other than that it was quite aright.
I got a few bits online and in the shops which I'm happy about.

I bought a gorgeous pair of spiked boots (originally £70) which I got for £15! I love them.

Also I got a pair of studded court shoes which were another bargain. They would look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

My final shoes were a pair of basic suede booties that can be worn for comfortable walking. I got these at a snippet at just £15 (originally £49.99) which is a great price for real leather shoes.

Clothes wise I bought quite a few bits. Firstly I got a very cute little cropped bomber jacket from Lipsy. This was originally £59.99 and I got it for £27.00. Worn with jeans or a little dress I think this is such a cute item.
My next item was also from Lipsy and was a knitted mini-dress. The blue/black combo gives it a sporty feel but the fit is a little more trendy so it looks great on.

My next item is from Miss Sixty and is a pair of fab skinny jeans. I love the way Miss Sixty jeans fit...they are so comfortable and fit like a glove. The pair I got are blue with a distressed gold trim on the top. Originally £150 but I got for £85.

I went into Miss selfridge and got a gorgeous leather jacket. I was eying this jacket up a while ago when it first came in season but wasn't to sure on paying£150 in another leather jacket as I have soooo many already. When I saw this marked as £70 I couldn't refuse. It fits perfectly and looks great on. I got a size 8 and its perfect (true to size)

Next I went to boots and I love going after xmas when all the gift sets are half price. I went straight to the Soap and glory section as I absolutely live the bodycare products. I usually religiously purchase the body butter and hand food hand cream. I wanted to try the sugar crush scrub as I have seen so many gurus raving about how great it is. I found a great set with everything!

The last item was a present for myself!...I think I deserve it :)
I got myself a new handbag. I needed a new black leather back which was a good size to carry for work. I usually put a lot in my bag so this was a great size for me.
It is the Marc Jacobs baby Aidan bag in black leather. I got it from Harrods for £395 and I love it!

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